Nanaca Sakura is a blog that has branched off from Beneath the Tangles with the intention of being a blog drowning in otaku fandom and Christian faith. Unlike the parent blog, Nanaca Sakura will simply contain content that loves the otaku culture and Jesus Christ. This blog is meant to show everyone, Christian or not, how these two passions can co-exist peacefully and even how they can mutually benefit each other at times by posing deeper and difficult questions.

It is my hope that this will be a blog that speaks to people about Christianity through otaku interests and does not shy away from topics or parts of the fandom that a Christian would normally find fault with. Nanaca Sakura represents a blog which aims to reach people gently through otaku interests in hopes that they can live fulfilling and satisfied lives through Christ. As such, it was named after a mother who gently spoke of God and a nice derangement of epitaphs, references that only a visual novel fan would understand.

About Me:
Studied at University at Tokyo as an excuse to live in Japan. Moved back to U.S. to make big pharma money. My main interests are seiyuu and VNs but I watch anime too to bash on it for being bad or to confirm the superiority of source material. My general stance is Christians have an astoundingly shallow understanding of otaku culture, even self-proclaimed otaku who think they don’t, and so my writings will be a strange mix of encouraging fans to think about Christianity and criticizing Christian stances on the fandom.

Favorite VN: Sakura no Uta is so deep, it literally changed my life
Favorite Singer: Nana Mizuki what a goddess. Autobiography also changed my life.
Favorite Bible Verse: Proverbs 4:7 is how I’ve tried to live since I first read it.