A Week in Review: Music, Radio, and Figures

While I call this a week in review, I am never going to have the time to actually make this a weekly thing. But since work keeps me pretty busy throughout the week, I find myself catching up on the latest otaku news later than usual, often not until the weekend. Since I promised I would be writing more posts with a “by fan, for fans” goal, as well as just having a personal outlet for ranting about things, I hope this will at least be a semi-regular thing, most dependent on how much I care about the recent happenings.

Over five years ago, this video was released, which then became a part of one of my favorite albums of all time Owari no Hoshi no Love Song, Jun Maeda’s collab with Yanagi Nagi. Diverse music, great vocals, and emotional lyrics, I still listen to many of the songs on a regular basis. It didn’t take long for me to ask: when will Maeda release another album and who will he collaborate with next? Finally, we have an answer: Long Long Love Song will be released July 26th, 2017, with the vocals by Anri Kumaki. The preview we have this time is “Bus Stop,” which is, as expected, really amazing in every aforementioned aspect. If the rest of the album is this quality, then I will once again be very pleased with another of Maeda’s works.

When No Game No Life aired, I tore it apart for its incredibly shallow writing and pathetic attempts at trying to be smart, which a lot of people fell for, to my disdain. But I did praise its existence for one thing: it gave us the glorious No Radio No Life radio show by the why-are-these-two-not-married hosts Matsuoka and Kayanon. That was about 700x as entertaining as the actual anime, and I was pretty sad to see it go. Luckily, with the new movie being released, No Radio No Life is back, and with it, the glory of Kayanon being adorable (not that she hasn’t been adorable in the other stuff, but more Kayanon is always a good thing). Between drinking like this was an episode of Kayanomi and acting like a lost foreigner, it was one of the best episodes I’ve seen in a few months. The part where she drops the Engrish (which was amazing in its own right) and acts like a weaboo with bad Japanese… Holy Kayanon, she basically defines real life iyashikei.

Meanwhile, Fate Grand/Order continues to be the biggest waifu bait I’ve ever had to deal with (to be fair, it’s possibly the biggest waifu bait ever). I figured after surviving the CCC event with Meltlilth after some 200-odd rolls (okay, maybe I didn’t survive), I was done with throwing money for awhile. Unfortunately, this happened. I mean, I’ve been waiting for it, but at least give me some kind of break. Do the waifu gods have no mercy on my soul? Actually, I suppose they wouldn’t on any wallet that isn’t already empty. That sweater shisho with that smile, and that pose, how can I resist? Pre-orders when? Hopefully no Kohaku-san until next year. Good thing the Tsukihime remake is still a myth.


Author: Kaze

Kaze is a graduate from the University of Tokyo who currently works on developing gene therapies for genetic diseases. He is a Nanatard since 2009 and mostly spends his time reading VNs and studying Japanese. Strangely enough, also a devout Christian.

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